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Only Titanium Bolts Now!

Eternal Titanium Bolt

As of 2018, Cuba reached an important milestone. All of the bolts on the island available for replacement and new routes are titanium glue-ins. The numbers aren’t huge, around 220 titanium bolts, but the last stainless steel glue-ins and expansion bolts are gone. In 2015, CubaClimbing asked climbers to bring only titanium bolts, In 2016 Bolts4Cuba started buying only glue-in bolts, almost all titanium. This winter season, 2017-18, Bolts4Cuba announced it will buy and bring only titanium bolts. Most gratifying is that almost all bolt donations by climbers are titanium. Only one climbers has rejected our wishes; he and 7 other climbers are coming to put up routes for a month with stainless expansions. We would shame him if we knew more. He calls himself Stefan from Austria.