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Guides & Meeting Climbers

Cuba doesn’t allow guiding. The government reserves guiding to itself, as it does with most activities involving contact with foreigners.

The government has no guides or guiding services, however.

The government doesn’t allow Cubans to import goods for resale. The government reserves to itself importing gear for sale or use in climbing.

The government doesn’t import climbing gear for sale or rental, however.

Yet, you can get a trained, experience guide in Viñales, and the guides have a storeroom of most gear needed to climb. The government pretends to control everything. The Cubans pretend to obey.

There are three or four good guides in Viñales. They work together. Contact Yarobys Garcia or Jorge (“Tito”) Pimente. Yarobys lives near the entrance to Raúl Reyes’s farm, the gateway to many of the climbs on Mogote del Valle. Contact: 53715614.

Tito also rents modern, stylish rooms. Contact: Camilo Cienfuegos #43. casa 48695476. cell 53097610.

Meeting other climbers including Cuban climbers used to be easy. The days when you could spot climbers on the street by their PrAna and Patagonia clothes or ask at Oscar’s house have passed. Viñales has grown, and climbers stay at many different casas

Raúl Reyes and Maikel Rosabal

A few climbers’ hangouts remain. Most climbers pass through Raúl Reyes’ farm. Raúl started giving climbers fruits and vegetable. Then build a small kiosk with fruits and cold drinks. Now Raúl has a restaurant which you must pass-through to reach the crags. The goat and mixed drinks are excellent.

At the end of the day, Raúl’s paladar tends to fill with climbers. It’s become the dependable place to meet and find partners.

You can climb the steps to Cueva Cabeza de la Vaca most afternoons, and there usually are climbers challenging its test piece climbs