New: Ache-Oggun


October 2005, beginning of the season in Cuba, 0 bolts in the country. Convinced a caving friend to belay me up on this new wall…and bring along 4 caving spits. I was gonna try to get to the top somehow, even with aid just to check the wall. Ended up onsighting four great pitches at 10a/b, totally clean except for 2 of the spits for the 3rd belay. The wall is amazing for bolts. and we reached an actual summit, wish is not common here.

Forty kilometers west of Pinar del Rio, the Valley of Calientes and San Carlos….Vinales…but kind of bigger! only a few routes and bouldering areas have been touched but there is lots! Road side and beyond. Lots of unclimbed limestone in the stretch from Cabezas to Punta de la Sierra.

Contacts locals for particular access info. But most road side crags should not be problematic at all.

This is a truly untouched area, waiting to be explored!