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Cameron Cross on Mr. Mogote, 1999. Craig Luebben Collection

The focus of rock climbing in Cuba is the Valle de Viñales in the western, mountainous province of Pinar del Río. Overhanging limestone faces on 1,000-foot freestanding crags called “mogotes” rise above traditional thatch-roofed Cuban houses, red-soiled farms, and verdant palms and pines. The climbing is superlative, cranking jugs and pockets in chiseled karst limestone on improbable lines through stunning overhangs of stalactites and tufa columns.

Reinel Sosa on Wasp Factory

The Valley has that combination of high quality rock, accessibility, and ambience to suggest that Cuba could become one of the top sport climbing destinations in the world. Viñales has seen the influx of leading climbers, such as Lynn Hill, Timmy O’Neil, Neil Gresham, Jim Donini, and David Brasco, and the development of a strong contingent of Cuban climbers, who are eager to climb with visitors. Articles about Cuba’s spectacular climbing have appeared in every country with sizable climbing.

The Valle de Viñales is a national park and a World Heritage Site, touted as the most spectacular scenery in all of Cuba. The Valley’s only town, Viñales, is small, just a dozen streets. Despite its popularity with tourists, Viñales itself has no large hotels, restaurants, or souvenir shops. It’s greatest charm is that within a day or two you feel at home, comfortable with its small town ambience. Plows and carts are ox and horse drawn. The local farmers, guajiros, are seldom without a horse and machete.

Cameron Cross on Flyn' Hynea, Craig Luebben Collection

Travel, digs, food, and climbing partners are no sweat. Today, 250 routes of 30 to 200 meters in height are more than enough to keep a visiting climber busy for weeks. Perfect climbing days, mild weather, and everything from isolated beaches to caving and cock-fights on rest days. Add an exciting, sensuous nightlife, the gregarious, vivacious Cuban people, and Cuba may already be the best outdoor adventure experience anywhere.

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