“Rock is rock it’s true, but climbing in Cuba isn’t like climbing in any other place. Climbing in Cuba is as much about Cuba as it is about climbing.”

With these words, author Jonny Miles captured the essence of climbing in Cuba.

Upon “discovering” Cuba on October 27, 1492, Christopher Columbus described the island as “the most beautiful thing human eyes could ever behold.”

Few visitors come away equivocal. Many become passionate about Cuba. It reaches into you emotionally.
Cubans are sensual, musical, mystical. The island’s music reflects its people’s vitality and driving physicality.

Cuba is visually stunning. Bright colors and seductive images. Visual opulence is everywhere. You could happily take in Cuba on purely visual terms.

Since 2001 this website has been providing free, up-to-date information for visitors traveling to Cuba. CubaClimbing.com was created to be the first stop for everyone thinking about travel to Cuba. We cover everything from trip planning and modes of travel to where to stay & eat in Viñales and Havana. Here you will find every articles about climbing in Cuba that has been published, and a few other excellent articles on other adventure sports and activities.

For the U.S. visitor, Donald Trump took away one category of legal travel to Cuba, the people-to-people category, but added another that is easier, cheaper, and better for all visitors to Cuba. The category of Support for the Cuban People emphasizes contact with the Cuban people, staying and eating in Cuban bed and breakfasts, spending free time where ordinary Cubans go and predominate, and avoiding expensive hotels and group tours run by enterprises of the Cuban Army.

It’s the best style of travel to see and know Cuba for climbers and non-climbers and for Americans and the rest of the world.

For travel and climbing to be permissible, Americans should also provide direct help for Cubans by appropriate donations and bringing gear and other items Cubans can’t obtain. This website can help all U.S. visitors, not just climbers, understand how to fulfill these requirements.

To climb a visitor needs information on areas, approaches, and climbs. The original Cuba Climbing guidebook remains available as an handy. inexpensive e-Book. For collectors of first editions, the very last original Cuba Climbing guidebooks can be purchased in Viñales at a dear price. Topos of new areas and walls in Viñales and elsewhere in Cuba are available for donations Bolts4Cuba for anchor replacement and new routes.

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